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27 Feb Danone

We are delighted to advise we are now able to offer the following lines from Danone!

Activia Original Multipack 3x8x100g

Activia Strawberry Multipack 3x8x100g

Activia Strawberry Multipack 6x4x120g

Actimel Multifruit Multipack 3x8x100g

Activia Peach 0% Multipack 6x4x120g

Activia Rhubarb Multipack 6x4x120g

Activia Vanilla 0% Multipack 6x4x120g

Activia Toppers Low Fat Natural with Cereals (with spoon) 6x165g

Activia Toppers Low Fat Vanilla with Granola (with spoon) 6x165g

Light & Free Skyr Blueberry 8x150g

Light & Free Skyr Raspberry 8x150g

Light & Free Skyr Strawberry 8x150g

Call us now for more information!

Actimel_Strawberry_8 Pack_T2 Activia_Peach 0%_4 Pack_T2 Angle with Pot Light & Free Skyr Blueberry