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New Lines

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Peperami Snack Packs 6x50g Now Available at Central Supplies

From the UK's number 1 meat snacking company, we are please to offer the Peperami Snack pack Made up of 20g of 100% Pork Salami & 30g of 100% Mild Cheddar, these make for a fantastic 'on the go' snack. High in protein and a great...

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Introducing the Juice Burst Breakfast Range!

We now have the new Juice Burst breakfast range in stock here at Central Supplies. Available in apple & orange 12x330ml - Also 1 of your 5 a day! We have a special a lunch price of just £4.00 per case on all deliveries made between 15/07/19...

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Alpro Coconut Unsweetened drink now available at Central Supplies

At Alpro, we believe in choice. To enjoy a drink with no sugars that tastes delicious, because we blend it together with coconut water. . To choose a drink that’s low in waste, because every part of the coconut is used. Imagine you’re swinging in...

Alpro Greek Style Blueberry

Enjoy a pick-me-up any time during your busy day with Alpro Greek Style Blueberry and packed with soya protein to keep you going throughout the day! 6x150g Available now at Central Supplies ...


We are delighted to advise we are now able to offer the following lines from Danone! Activia Original Multipack 3x8x100g Activia Strawberry Multipack 3x8x100g Activia Strawberry Multipack 6x4x120g Actimel Multifruit Multipack 3x8x100g Activia Peach 0% Multipack 6x4x120g Activia Rhubarb Multipack 6x4x120g Activia Vanilla 0% Multipack 6x4x120g Activia Toppers Low Fat Natural with Cereals (with spoon) 6x165g Activia...