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New Lines

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Alpro Chilled Caffe Cups

Caffe Ethiopian Coffee with Soya & Carmel 8x235ml Linger over this coffee moment. Indulge yourself with the rich, subtly sweet and truly satisfying coffee blend that is Alpro Caffè with Soya Caramel. The fruity flavours of sustainably grown Ethiopian coffee meets the plant-based goodness of soya...

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Urban Active Protein Drink.

With an impressive 20g of protein per bottle, less than 0.5g of fat per 100ml & no added sugars, Urban Active is the perfect pre, during or post workout drink! Available in 3 great tasting flavours. Strawberry, Vanilla & Chocolate. 8x358ml Contact us now for more information. ...

Nomadic Layered Yogurt

Nomadic have launched a new range of premium layered desserts which are now available to order from Central Supplies Limited Choose from: Salted Caramel available in 6x160g & 6x450g Raspberry available in 6x160g & 6x450g Mango available in 6x160g Pre order required  ...

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At Vega, we don’t just believe in surviving. We believe in thriving. In growing stronger together. And getting every day off to the best start possible. In putting your best dance shoe, running spike or bare foot forward. In small steps becoming giant leaps. In...