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Alpro Chilled Caffe Cups

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06 Nov Alpro Chilled Caffe Cups

Caffe Ethiopian Coffee with Soya & Carmel 8x235ml

Linger over this coffee moment. Indulge yourself with the rich, subtly sweet and truly satisfying coffee blend that is Alpro Caffè with Soya Caramel. The fruity flavours of sustainably grown Ethiopian coffee meets the plant-based goodness of soya to deliver the coffee flavour you crave. And not forgetting the irresistible sweetness of caramel. For an anytime pick-me-up, enjoy chilled.

Caffe Brazilian Coffee with Almond 8x235ml

If you like a sophisticated and indulgent coffee experience, Alpro Caffè Almond is the perfect blend for you. Sustainably grown, aromatic Brazilian coffee beans meets lightly roasted almonds and it’s love at first taste. 100% plant-based with a hint of nuttiness and fragrant coffee comes together in one delicious drink ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Caffe Peruvian Coffee with Coconut 8x235ml

If you like a coffee experience on the subtle side but still with plenty of depth and an intricate flavour, Alpro Caffè Coconut is the one for you. The luscious taste of tropical coconuts are the perfect partner to delicate Peruvian coffee. Chill it right down for maximum refreshment that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

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