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Central Supplies (Brierley Hill) Limited supply a vast range of dairy products and provisions from cheese, milk, butter and yoghurt to soya products, cooked meat, bacon and a whole lot more.

Based in a purpose-built warehouse close to Birmingham with a direct supply route to the UK and Europe.

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Cooked meats

Deliciously succulent cured meats from Madrange includes their superior Ruban bleu ham and their Jambon de Paris that gives full slices of quality ham from start to end.



Gammon Joints

Gammon Steaks

Gammon Joints Gammon Steaks
Available in 500g joints

Available in 20 x 454g


Jambon De Paris ham 100%

Ruban bleu ham

Madrange Jambon de Paris ham Madrange Ruban blue ham

Available in 3.5kg
Layer: 9
Pallet: 81

Available in 7.5kg

Roast turkey saddle boneless (100%)

Chicken roll

Roast turkey boneless saddle

Chicken roll


Case size: 1 x 3kg
Layer: 5
Pallet: 30
Available in 1.81kg

Cooked beef 80%

Cooked beef 100%

Available in 2kg Available in 2kg

Cooked pork 96%

Danish salami

Available in 3kg Available in 1.81kg

Black pudding sticks

Black pudding sticks 500g

Black pudding sticks 1.36kg Black pudding sticks 500g
Case size: 15 x 1.36kg
Layer: 5
Pallet: 30
Case size: 12 x 170g
Layer: 5
Pallet: 30

Black pudding rings

Black pudding rings 454g

Black pudding rings

Case size: 1 x 454g
Layer: 5
Pallet: 30

Available in 2.25kg  


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